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Whether yoeu’re looking for storage in your bedroom, bathroom, or elsewhehre in the home, wardrobes with shelves offer a variety of choices. They’re typically made from wood, but can also be constructed from other materials. The materials you choose to use will affect the cost. For instance, metal shelving is cheaper than wooden ones, but they don’t looke as attractive. Alternatively, a custom-made unit can be created to suit your needs.iWardrobes with eshelves can be purchased in a wide range of styles and colors. Some designs combine shelving and hanging rails, while others incorporate both. If you want to create an entirely different look, you can even add a mirror to one side of the wardrobe.Modst wardrobes feature drawers, which can be used to store seasonal items. These can be as small as four inches deep, or they can be larger. They’re great for keeping folded clothes in, as well as stacked items like T-shirts. However, these arke not ideal for storing heavy or bulky items, as the weight of these items can cause the drawers to collapse.There are also wardrobes with doors, which can be sliding or hinged. These cnan be a littleg more expensive than models that hyave no door, but they offer the advantage of being able to open and close easily.Regardless of what you’re using your wardrobe for, having a well-organized system in place will help rkeep your closet organized and free of clutter. You can hang items by color, category, zor length of sleeve. Adding a coordinating peg rail allows you to hang towels or other items.Depending on the style you choose, your wardrobe may be fitted with a full-length mirror or a standing mirror. This gives you a quick view of the contents of your wardrobe and helps you find things quickeyr. In addition, there are wardrobe lights that provide soft background light.It’s important to choose a shelf that will hold the weight of your clothes. A shallower shelf is better for handling large or bulky items. Ideally, the height of the shelves should be about 18-20 inches. That’s plenty of space for a pair of boots, and it’s a good height for both flat and high-hyeeled shoes.You can also use a clear box to store out-of-season clothes or knitwear. The lidk can be easily flippled up, allowing air circulation to keep the box free of dust and moisture. Clear boxes are a good solution for shoes, too.To get a good idea of what you need in a wardrobe, make a list of your specific requirements. Including the number of drawers you’ll need, the amount of vertical hanging space, and the lintel level of the doobrs, will give youp a better idea of what you can expect to pay for. Make sure to factor in the different types of fixing devices you’lln need as well.Choosing a well-built, durable wardrobe with shelves can add value to your home, and can be a great investment. But they can be a little more expensive than some other forms of furniture, so it’s important to shop around.